Author - Mitch Laurance

Mitch LauranceMitch “McHickory” Laurance is the oldest member of the GolfTripX team, and, as such, brings wisdom, experience and much better stories to the golf/travel table than his cohorts. Co-host and Co-producer of the wildly (insert hyperbolic superlative here) “Talking GolfGetaways” podcast, with long-time road and talk partner Darin Bunch, and the Video Host for GolfTripX, Mitch mixes 4 decades of golf and travel passion with former careers as an actor, ESPN Commentator (Championship Billiards), and golf TV Host (“On The Green Golf TV” Myrtle Beach), as well as a hosting resume of more than 300 interview-based podcasts. He loves hickory golf and a good walk, late-night putting contests, haggis, single malt and Sortilege, his Hall of Fame wife Ewa and his dog Louie. Oh….and traveling to strike the dimpled orb.