New Zealand’s Cape Kidnappers is a bucket-lister for pretty much everyone, even our “Talking GolfGetaways” hosts. (Photo by Robert Kaufman)
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Talking GolfGetaways 4: So many great golf destinations, so little time


“What’s at the top of your bucket list?” It’s one of the questions “Talking GolfGetaways” hosts Mitch Laurance and Darin Bunch hear most often — so much so that they included it on their Emergency 9 guest questionnaire. But it’s also a question that deserves its own episode, so in Episode 4 they count down and discuss the Top 3 places they’ve yet to explore.

What’s No. 1? You’ll have to listen to find out, but we’ll give you a hint — the top spot for both Mitch and Darin is identical, and they hope to someday cross it off their lists together.

Other spots around the world that are worthy of a mention in this Bucket List episode include the wine and wilds of South Africa, Wales’ Royal Porthcawl, the magical links of Ireland and a very special piece of Scottish ground Old Tom Morris had a hand in creating some 130 years ago and where, more than a century later, modern master David McLay Kidd has made his mark as well.

After all, half the fun of golf travel is the anticipation, the planning and the yearning to conquer new challenges, sticks in hand, with friends old and new.

But what exactly makes a golf experience a true bucket-lister? Mitch and Darin dive into that discussion as well, winding their way to Canada’s Cape Breton Island and the recognition of how a destination can amaze far beyond a single course or resort.

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