The Wilderness at Fortune Bay in Minnesota deserves every bit of recognition it receives — and much more — says golf-travel journalist Eric Hart.
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Talking GolfGetaways 10: Family Travel Editor Eric Hart takes the Emergency 9 golf quiz


If you haven’t traveled with Eric Hart, you simply don’t understand the true essence of a golfing road warrior. More than 400 courses and 120 resorts have only fueled his fire more to explore the greatest places in golf, oftentimes with his wife and four children along for the ride (and we do mean “ride” — they travel by van most of the time, traversing the United States, far and wide).

So who better to take the Emergency 9 golf-travel questionnaire on this episode of “Talking GolfGetaways with Mitch Laurance & Darin Bunch” than someone who never stops searching for the best experiences for himself and his family?

You’ll learn why parts of Scotland and Canada belong in a class by themselves, and why New Zealand and Australia better prepare for a visit. Why Eric’s family is paramount when answering the “Best Place You’ve Ever Stayed?” and how Hilton Head Island’s One Hot Mama’s ribs might be washed down with a Cookies and Cream Shake from the Royale Eatery in South Africa. And then there’s all the reasons why any apparel with a Bandon Dunes logo makes it into his closet — and suitcase.

And Eric closes the Emergency 9 with a plea to traveling golfers who might overlook Minnesota’s great golf by proclaiming The Wilderness Course at Fortune Bay his “Most Underrated Course in America” (and also his favorite).

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