A young Marc McClure as Jimmy Olsen with Christopher Reeve in “Superman”
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Talking GolfGetaways 22: Actor Marc McClure on Palm Springs golf, Tobacco Road and an unforgettable career


If you love golf and movies, this is your episode of “Talking GolfGetaways.” Because when it comes to golf and traveling, few actors have taken advantage of the chance to play the game the way Marc McClure has. Best known for his roles as Jimmy Olsen in the original Christopher Reeve-led “Superman” movies and as Dave McFly in the “Back To The Future” franchise, Marc joins longtime friend Mitch Laurance and co-host Darin Bunch to talk acting, his new home in Palm Springs, California, life on the celebrity golf circuit, his newfound love of North Carolina’s Tobacco Road, and his nine — yes, nine! — holes-in-one.

One of the most unique personalities in show business, McClure brings the same fun and love of life to the table when talking about acting, golf and his journey around the world playing the game.

“I first met Marc at a party in L.A., and from the minute we started talking, I knew he would be a lifelong connection,” Mitch says. “He’s got an incredibly, shall we say, fluid mind and wit and the exuberance of a child on a joy ride. Whether it’s on the golf course (and we’ve played a ton of golf together, including bunches of celebrity events, over 30-plus years, the last round being a couple of months ago at Tobacco Road) or time spent off the course (hanging on the road or partying at each other’s houses), McClure is simply the kind of human you always love to be around.”

And after this wide-ranging interview — which includes stories about Eric Stoltz and Faye Dunaway — you’ll understand exactly what Mitch means.

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