Actor Marc McClure poses with his ninth(!) hole in one.
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Talking GolfGetaways 23: Actor Marc McClure’s true “Emergency” 9 golf-travel quiz


This Emergency 9 episode comes to you from a nuclear test site in Palm Springs. That should be enough to grab your attention, and it’s precisely why actor Marc McClure has been grabbing Hollywood’s attention since he first appeared as Jimmy Olsen in the “Superman” franchise starring the late Christopher Reeve.

Fun and funny, with one of the more eclectic personalities (and resumes) in show business, McClure is a passionate, lifelong golfer who has traveled — and played the game — around the world. His Emergency 9 answers reflect everything that goes into being Marc McClure.
Tobacco Road in Pinehurst is a “unique, challenging and unexpected experience,” he says, adding that it’s right up there with Royal Birkdale, which he played during a celebrity event. Cypress Point; Turnberry; the Carmel Room at the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa; and the TPC Canyons golf course all make appearances.

“The most important thing on a golf trip, other than golf?” His answer is classic McClure and involves his wife Carol and the perils of driving a golf cart.

Plus “Talking GolfGetaways” hosts Mitch Laurance and Darin Bunch discuss what kind of rangefinder McClure loves; what tees he plays from; how he went back to Glendale College in his 50s to play on the golf team; and why Hall of Fame jockey Chris McCarron is his favorite playing partner.

And McClure closes this magical, whacky Emergency 9 with possibly the coolest “Place You Wish Everyone Knew About” so far, recalling a stopover in Fiji where he and his wife had to wait for the tide to roll out for a unique golf experience on Toberua Island.

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