Scotland’s Culloden House, Golf View Hotel (top right) and the Knights Templar Cemetery at Maryculter House (Photos by Darin Bunch / Golf News Net)
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Talking GolfGetaways 50 “Plus”: We do know the difference between Culloden House and Maryculter House


It was bound to happen. After so many rounds of golf. After so many miles of travel. After so much Scotch and Sticky Toffee Pudding. We were bound to finally make a mistake on “Talking GolfGetaways.” And now, at the 50-episode mark, we have to set the record straight in a very special episode — and Scotland Week “extra” — about two of our favorite places to stay when playing some of our favorite links courses.

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Both Culloden House and Maryculter House in the Scottish Highlands share quite a few wonderful elements. The word “House” in both their names, and the accommodations at both draw you into a world of history, elegance and fantastic dining. Then there’s one other key element— whiskey. Single-malt Scotch is not only the drink of choice for both hosts of “Talking GolfGetaways” but the probable cause of mistaken identity during our recent “18 Favorite Places We’ve Ever Stayed” podcasts during which Mitch Laurance and Darin Bunch raved about the Knights Templar Room at Culloden House.

Trouble is, the Knights Templar Room (and cemetery adjacent to the hotel) can’t be found at the Culloden House; their proper location is the Maryculter House.

So let us officially correct the mistake. Of course, for Mitch, it was understandable since he was blown away by the Whiskey Trolley at Culloden House with its 160 bottles of the best that Scotland has to offer (Mitch quit drinking after sampling six or so in the hotel’s cozy front room with fireplace). For Darin, it was understandable as well, given that he spent one evening stretched out on a couch under the vaulted ceiling of the almost 800-year-old Knights Templar Chamber at Maryculter House, enjoying his favorite Scotch.

The bottom line — with apologies to both glorious lodgings — is that your time at Culloden House and Maryculter House will be among the best you’ll have on any Scotland journey, and we’ve dedicated this special episode of “Talking GolfGetaways” to better explain both historic hotels — plus give a nod to another favorite, the Golf View Hotel within walking distance of The Nairn Golf Club.

Enjoy the episode, and we promise we’ll keep our lodging — and our Scotch — straight on the next journey to Scotland.

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